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Because we understand your requirements and objectives, we have developed tailor-made solutions and pricing to accommodate your strategies, in the respect to the highest compliance standards. We provide cash management services through different options, customized to meet your banking needs and to manage your cash flow: Remunerated account, Suppliers payments, and Payroll management.


1 - a dedicated relationship manager

A dedicated Relationship Manager

Access to BFL digital solutions

1 - preferred pricing on international transfers

Preferred pricing on international transfers

1 - increased spending and withdrawal limits

Increase spending limit

Key features

  • Monthly fees LAK 100,000 per month
  • Current accounts included (available in LAK, USD, THB & EUR)
  • International Visa Debit Card
  • Access to BFL Digital Solutions included (eBanking, Mobile app & QR code)
  • Preferential international outgoing transfer rates
  • Preferred pricing on transactions
  • QR code stand
  • Merchant POS terminal*
*Subject to approval


  • Registered business in Lao PDR
  • Annual turnover up to USD 500,000 or equivalent

Download the Account & Cash Management Fees & Charges

Fixed Term Deposit

Guaranteed returns


Opening a Fixed Term Deposit makes extra cash work for you, with competitive interest rates and a vast array of maturity options.


You can open your Fixed Term Deposit account in local or foreign currency and track your balance directly online with our corporate internet banking.

  • Flexible maturity options
  • Monthly, upfront or at maturity interest payments
  • Available in USD, LAK, THB & EUR

Payroll Accounts Service

Fast processing


We offer a simple and convenient way for companies to shorten the processing of payroll to their employees, from the opening of the account to the payment of monthly wages.


Enrolling in the payroll service also gives each of your employees access to affordable and easy day-to-day banking & financing products, at no fees.

  • Reduced time on payroll processing
  • Fast & on time payment
  • Upper hand & visibility on finances

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