Moving Toward 2027 with Energy – BFL Internal Convention

Last week, BFL leadership team and managers in Vientiane Capital met for BFL Internal Convention 2024 focusing on “Aligning energies – BRED Group Strategic Plan 2027”

BRED CEO, Jean-Paul JULIA presented BRED’s three-year strategic plans to ensure BFL is moving toward the same direction and achieve the same with the focus on the value of client focus, energy to staying highly motivated, and demonstrating encouragement, and empowering and supporting staff members accross BRED.

Head of International Activities, Stephane MANGIAVACCA also provided an updated on BRED activities, initiatives and development project across the globe including subsidiaries in South America, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Pacific and Europe.

BFL BRED Group CEO Stephane URBAIN and Chief Finance Officer Michael DE CLERCQ also presented the very positive 2023 financial results and 2024 year to date progress. They also provided key activities to focus including, area of improvement and key success factors in order to grow and successful together.

With the strong effort and commitment from all employees, and clear direction toward 2027, we BRED and BFL BRED, believed that we will successfully grow together and support the needs for our clients.