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BFL’s overdraft is an available line of credit that allows your business to access an amount greater than its account balance, within the limits specified by the Bank, to finance daily operation and support your working capital requirement of your business.

Principaux éléments

Easy access to cash management

Ease access to cash management

5 - competitive interest rate

Taux compétitifs

6 - flexible repayments

Facile et rapide a utiliser

6 - fast track approval

Approbation rapide

Caractéristiques principales

  • Taux compétitifs
  • Tenor up to 1 year
  • Mensualités et taux fixes
  • Disponible en LAK & USD


  • Business owner between 18 and 65 years old.
  • Sole trader with a business license (Proprietors, self-employed individuals, partnership firms, private limited companies engaged in the business of trading, manufacturing, and services)
  • Registered companies
  • Having a good performance and financial history

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Overdraft Calculator


Monthly Payment


Total Repayment Amount


Total Interest

Our loan calculator is a simple and intuitive tool to help you calculate your monthly instalments. Fill in the information related to your project and get in a matter of seconds an estimation of monthly instalments.

  • Saisir le montant du prêt
  • Sélectionnez le taux d'intérêt
  • Choisissez la durée

This calculator is for informational purpose only. The figure calculator does not constitute a loan offer and has no legal effect. For more information contact your Personal Banker or our Customer Support team.