BFL stands up for the people of Laos by supporting Vientiane Rescue 1623

Banque Franco Lao Ltd (BFL) signed a sponsorship agreement with the Foundation for Assisting the Poor in Lao to provide US$ 50,000 to support the Vientiane Rescue 1623 focusing supporting our community.

During this difficult time, Vientiane Rescue and its team of 100% volunteers have worked tirelessly to maintain 24/7 emergency services to help all kinds of victims from accidents on the road, fire, flooding, etc. with all their heart while supporting the Covid-19 efforts.

At a recent ceremony BFL was represented by Mr. Stephane Urbain, the Managing Director of BFL, while the foundation was represented by Mrs. Sisaliao Thammatheva, and Mrs. Phouthone Phoumsavanh, the Presidents of the Foundation for Assisting the Poor in Lao PDR.

Mr. Stephane Urbain, the CEO of BFL said: “with this outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen a particularly large number of patients in hospitals in Vientiane and throughout the country. Of all those who have been working in saving lives, we would like to give a special shout out to Vientiane Rescue and all its volunteers who have served in transporting & helping Covid-19 patients as well as in providing first aid response. BFL would therefore like to play a part in alleviating the suffering and offering encouragement to all volunteers who work tirelessly for our community”. Stephane continued, “To achieve that aim, BFL donated US$ 50,000 to the Vientiane Rescue 1623 under the Foundation for Assisting the Poor in Lao PDR to buy an ambulance to support their emergency services during this hardship period in Laos. BFL continues to support efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in Laos”.

We would like to express our gratitude to all volunteers for their courage, compassion and contribution to the fight against this crisis. BFL team wishes everyone safety from COVID-19 and good health by strictly following the government’s disease control measures, which will be critical in assistant the country in rapidly overcoming the COVID-19 crisis.

About Vientiane Rescue 1623

Vientiane Rescue 1623, the rescue branch of the Foundation for Assisting the Poor in Lao PDR was established in 2010 and recently expanded the services to 4 more provinces.

Vientiane Rescue is offering free rescue services to Laos inhabitants and has a team of paramedics, hydraulic rescue teams, diving rescue team and firefighters. Their well trained and committed volunteers operate on a 24/7 basis, thanks to 20 ambulances plus 3 specialized vehicles and 2 fire trucks.

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About BFL (Banque Franco-Lao.,Ltd)

BFL is a joint venture between BRED Banque Populaire (BRED Group) and BCEL Public.

BRED is a cooperative Banque Populaire, supported by its 200,000 members and 4.4 billion Euros of equity, created in 1919. It is part of BPCE Group, ranked #17 banking groups worldwide in term of Assets BRED is established worldwide with subsidiaries located in SouthEast Asia (Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar), the Horn of Africa (Djibouti and Ethiopia), the Pacific region (New-Caledonie, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Solomon Islands). BCEL Public is the largest commercial Bank in Lao P.D.R.

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