No monthly fee on your daily banking with the SME Package

The SME package allows you to manage your accounts and transactions at attractive pricing. It includes a current account, linked to a local ATM card to be used across our network of ATMs. You have a personalised support, with an experienced Relationship Manager at your side, who understands your needs and work on the best mix and match of banking products.

Principaux éléments

Free local ATM card*

Solutions digitales gratuites

2 - no monthly fees 2

Pas de cotisation mensuelle

Un conseiller dédié

Comment ouvrir un compte

  • Account Opening Form to be filled and provided
  • Identification documents (ID card, passport or family book) required
  • Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) and Articles of Association required
  • Certificate of residence, Utility bills or Working/Residency permit to be provided

Caractéristiques principales

  • Pas de cotisation mensuelle
  • Free current account
  • Local ATM card
  • Accueil physique en agence & accès aux solutions digitales
  • Disponible en USD, LAK, THB & EUR
  • QR Code Stand
  • Access to financial training


  • Entreprise enregistrée en RDP lao
  • Chiffre d'affaires annuel jusqu'à 500 000 USD ou équivalent

Download the SME Package Fees & Charges

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