Enjoy peace of mind with the Cash Back Loan!

Take advantage of our Fixed Term Deposits and have an easy and quick access to a reserve of money to finance your desires or face the unexpected. The Cash Back Loan allows you to have the funds in your account in 48 hours. The repayment of the loan is done in one payment when your Fixed Term Deposit is mature.

Principaux éléments

7 - fast disbursement

A cash reserve available
within 48 hours

90 Percent

Up to 90% of
your BFL Fixed Term Deposit

Minimum amount 500 USD or equivalent

Minimum amount:
500 USD or equivalent

8 - no collateral needed

No collateral required
other than the Term Deposit

Caractéristiques principales

  • Facile et rapide
  • Déboursez jusqu’à 90% de votre Fixed Term Deposit
  • Term: same as the maturity of your Fixed Term Deposit
  • A single instalment In Fine
  • Aucune garantie requise autre que le Fixed Term Deposit
  • Disponible dans la devise de votre Fixed Term Deposit


  • All physical persons residing in Laos and holding a Fixed Term Deposit at BFL

Download the Cash Back Loan Brochure