BFL equipped SME owners with the right tools to successfully growth their businesses

BFL successfully organized the 5th BFL KAONA Training course providing SME owners a thorough understanding of how to plan for business growth, financial management, and access to the right financial solution.

Fifteen attendees representing a range of business industries got the chance to work on their individual projects and business plans, with assistance from experiences trainers and the BFL team. It was also a great opportunity to allow experience-sharing sessions between trainees from different activity sectors.

At BFL, we believe that SMEs play significant role in driving Laos’ economic growth. That’s why providing them with the right and useful tools and resources is essential to support their business growth. We take great pride in contributing to participants’ excellent experiences and helping them manage their businesses successfully.

BFL KAONA training is designed to help SME owners in Laos develop the skills and knowledge needed to successfully grow their business and access the right financial solutions.

If you wish to join our next session, please stay tuned by following BFL BRED Group social media pages.