The First Career Forum for French-Speaking Students

On February 13, 2023, Mr. Stéphane URBAIN, Managing Director, and the HR team had the pleasure of participating in the “First Career Forum” for French-speaking students, organized by the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service of the French Embassy and the European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Laos with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Sports, at the Vientiane High School.

This event was designed to allow French-speaking graduates to meet and learn from business leaders and professionals in Laos while gaining knowledge they can use in their future careers. It also gave them an insight into the business world, which will make it easier for them to decide what they want to do in the future.

Our managing director shared about a career in the banking sector, how important each role contributed to the organization, how challenging it is, and what to prepare if they wish to work in BFL.
At BFL, we have emphasized supporting and developing the local youths, we are proud to stand for all occurrences that focus on the development of the local youths because we believe that “Youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow”.