Going above with the SME Plus package

The SME Plus package is a perfect combination of products and services for SMEs, coming with an array of payments & merchants solutions. An international VISA debit card, a POS terminal and a QR Code stand are included in your package. Maximise profit with preferred pricing on all your transactions, including domestic and international transfers. Benefit also from instant transfers to all LAPNET members. Your dedicated Relationship Manager makes sure your financial requirements are met, by regularly assessing your situation.


Free merchants solutions

Merchant POS Terminal

(subject to approval)

1 - increased spending and withdrawal limits

Preferred pricing on transactions

Free access to digital banking

2 - a dedicated relationship manager

A dedicated Relationship Manager

How to open an account

  • Account Opening Form to be filled and provided
  • Identification documents (ID card or passport, family book) required
  • Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) and Articles of Association required
  • Certificate of residence, Utility bills or Working/Residency permit to be provided

Key features

  • Monthly fees LAK 100,000 per month
  • Free current account
  • International VISA Debit card
  • Increased spending limits
  • Preferred pricing on transactions
  • QR Code Stand
  • Access to BFL KAONA training


  • Registered business in Lao PDR
  • Annual turnover up to USD 500,000 or equivalent

Need to learn more

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