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Fixed-Term Deposit: the most attractive savings

The Fixed Term Deposit is a contract that allows you to invest your money in complete security. The interest rates are known at the time of subscription and are guaranteed for the entire duration of the investment. Choose the currency that suits you best: LAK, USD, THB, or EUR; the duration of your investment, from 3 months to 3 years; choose when you will receive your interest payments, at the beginning, monthly, or at maturity. The Fixed Term Deposit is perfect for your short or medium-term projects. The plus product: cash reserve is available thanks to the Cash Back Loan.


6 - competitive interest rate

Competitive interest rate

5 - payment of interest options

3 payment of interest options

3 - no minimum opening account

Open yourself your TD Online

Cash reserve available with the Cash Back Loan

Cash reserve available with the Cash Back Loan

Key features

  • Linked to the current account
  • Open in few clicks your TD via BFL Connect or E-Banking
  • No opening fee
  • Available in LAK, USD, THB and EUR
  • Minimum one-time deposit of USD 1,500 or equivalent
  • No maximum amount (rate depending on amount)
  • Amount locked according to the Term: 3/6/12/24/36 months
  • Interest payment: at term, monthly, upfront
  • Possibility to break the Term Deposit with penalty and adjustment to the Saving account rate

How to open an account

  • All persons of legal age or legal entities holding a package at BFL can open a Fixed Term Deposit Account.
  • Proof of identity, residence, and income must be up to date.

Need to learn more

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Important information:
Terms & conditions are subject to the Bank’s sole discretion in changing it without prior notice to customers. The information on this webpage is prepared for informational purposes only. For further information, please visit your nearest BFL Service Unit, email us at contact@bfl.la or give us a call at 021 285 444.