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Innovative Payment & Merchant Solutions


To manage your daily transactions or to offer your customers a seamless purchase experience, BFL makes available innovative and fast banking tools, respecting World-class security, for your utmost convenience and confidence. Discover our complete range of payment and merchant solutions.

BFL Business Connect

BFL is continuously striving to improve its eBanking experience. Inspired by the highest international standards, BFL eBanking offers high-end functionalities such as:

  • Multiple user’s login
  • 24-hours account consultation
  • Maker/Checker option
  • Domestic & International transfers
  • Account statements

Payment solutions

Optimize time with a secured way of making transactions. We make available for our customers an array of payment options, to simplify day-to-day banking:

  • Checks, Certified checks & Bank checks
  • Visa Debit Cards
  • Supplier bulk payments
  • Domestic & international transfers

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Merchant solutions

With BFL, you give your customers the choice and convenience of payment, with innovative payment facilities. Handy and fast, they allow you to fasten checkout at the counter while keeping a high level of security.

  • POS terminal – fix or wireless
  • “BFL Pay” QR Code stand

Centralizeise all transactions and easily keep track of your sales volume & revenue.