The Premium Package: For only LAK 20,000 per month

The Premium offer is a complete package of banking products and services: you have a VISA debit card and an ATM card, linked to your current account. In addition, you can get preferred pricing on all your transactions and international transfers. Thanks to BFL connect, via mobile or internet, you can consult your accounts, make national and international transfers, access your account statements or pay your bills. Whenever you need assistance, your dedicated Relationship Manager or our Customer Support Team is all ears to help you.


A complete offer

A complete offer

1 - free visa debit card

VISA International Debit card included

1 - preferred pricing on international transfers

Preferred pricing on international transfers

1 - a dedicated relationship manager

A dedicated Relationship Manager

How to open an account

All physical person of legal age is eligible. Documents to provide:
  • Proof of identity + family book
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income

For the opening of a joint account, the documents are to be provided by all the persons concerned

Key features

  • Complete offer of banking products and services
  • Current Account included
  • International VISA Debit card
  • Increased spending and withdrawal limits
  • Preferred pricing on transactions & international transfers
  • Branch, internet and mobile banking
  • 24-hours ATM access
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager


  • Available in LAK, USD, THB & EUR
  • Monthly fee: 20,000 LAK / 1 USD / 35 THB / 1 EUR
  • Possibility for individual or joint account holders

Need to learn more

Download the Premium Package Fees & Charges

Bank smart with BFL VISA Card

Simply pay with your BFL VISA card, whenever you are. Universally renowned, get access to over 30 million merchants and 1.4 million ATMs across 170 countries globally!

  • Practical & Easy with the Tap & Pay system*
  • Possibility to link multiple cards to the account
  • Access to the VISA global network
  • Secure with the embedded EMV chip
  • Enhanced security for all your online payments with OTP (One Time Password) through the 3D Secure Technology
*For amount not exceeding USD 50 or equivalent