Frequently Asked Questions


How can we help you? If you have questions, read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to get the answers you need. In case of further inquiries, please contact our Customer Suppor team at +856 (21) 285 444


Our Mixay Service Unit in Vientiane Capital and our Luang Prabang Service Unit are open 7 days a week, from 8.30 to 18.30

The easiest way for you to check your account balance is to access your personal BFL eBanking and/or through your Mobile Banking App: click here (App Store) or here (Android Store) to download our App.


In case you don’t have your user acces yet, contact your dedicated Relationship Manager or simply visit your nearest Service Unit.

In order to avoid delay or issue in issuing or receiving transfer, please ensure you provide the correct information: Bank SWIFT code, name (with no misspelling) & account number, reason of transfer, etc.


If you still encounter issue, please contact our Customer Support Team by mail at or phone +856 21 285 444 (working hours).

In case your VISA Debit Card has been lost or stolen, contact us:
By phone: Dial-in +856 20 59 658 321 to contact our Technical Support Team 7 days a week, from 8.30 to 21.30
By email: Contact our Customer Support team at, during weekdays and working hours (8.30 – 17.00)
VISA website: Visit the VISA website for more information at

You can subscribe and rent a Safety Deposit Box, by contacting your dedicated Relationship Manager or visiting your nearest Service Unit.

To get more information on your transfer, simply enroll for our eBanking and/or Mobile App, contact our Customer Support Team or your dedicated Relationship Manager.

In case a transaction was not initiated by you, please contact your dedicated Relationship Manager or our Customer Support Team.

To find out about our current Fees & Charges, you can simply click here. If you have any questions regarding your package or pricing, please visit your nearest Service Unit or contact your dedicated Relationship Manager.


You can open a BFL account by visiting your nearest Service Unit (find it now). To open an account, you will be asked to provide an identification document, a certificate of residency for Lao nationals and a work & stay permit for resident foreigners, as well as to fill the BFL Account Opening Form (downloadable here).

When banking with BFL as individual, you will have the choice among 3 account packages at destination of personal use.
If you run a business, we recommend you to enroll for a business account package, to benefit adapted products and pricing.


Saving deposit rates are available here.


In case you are looking to deposit a large amount of money, our Personal Banker can study your personal situation and refer to their management in order to request special rates.
Please note it is upon BFL approval and not all cases will benefit from special rates.

To find about our Savings rates, please click here. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or visit your nearest Service Center !


At the counter, pay by simply tapping your card on the POS terminal; wait for a few seconds: once the green light appears and the bip is heard, it means your transaction is confirmed. The printed receipt associated to your payment will be given by the merchant.


A contactless payment can be denied for an amount not exceeding USD 50 or equivalent: the payment is denied for safety reasons and you might be asked to insert your VISA Debit card in the POS terminal to pay.

Withdrawals & spending limits with your VISA are calculated per day and per month (rolling days?). Limits depend on your account packages; please click here to consult them or contact your dedicated Relationship Manager for further information.

If you lost your card or if is has been stolen, please refer to our FAQ under the section “General” > “How to block mt VISA Card?” above

You will be able to pay at the vendors with your VISA Card without to having to enter your pin. Secure, this way of payment apply for amount not exceeding USD 50 or equivalent.

Fill in the VISA Dispute form and visit the nearest Service Unit or contact your dedicated Relationship Manager. Complaint will be raised to the relevant parties and you will be informed on the answer from VISA center.


If you already have an account on our new eBanking, simply click here. If you don’t have an account yet, contact our Customer Support Team or your dedicated Relationship Manager so we can set it up for you.

To make a transfer

1) Connect to our eBanking platform

2) Select the icon “Transfer” on the home page

3) Choose the type of transfer

4) Key in details of the transfer (beneficiary name, account number, amount…)

5) Confirm the transfer For international transfer, please watch the video tutorial by clicking here

To receive your OTP (One Time Password) by email contact your Personal Banker or visit your nearest Service Center.

BFL Connect is your digital banking tool from which you can view and manage your money, perform transactions such as transfers, download bank statements, pay bills at merchants via our QR code scan, initiatie loans. Log in from a computer, a tablet or a smartphone; service is available 24/7.

The meaning of OTP is One Time Password: it is the confirmation code you receive to secure every online transaction made on your eBanking (or Mobile App) and is only valid for one transaction. To learn more about security, click here.


The first step is to prepare your project proposal by organizing all your supporting documents. Then simply call or email our Customer Service center, contact your Personal Banker or visit your nearest Service Center.

To have more information on our Motor loan rates, click here.

The maximum tenor for a Home Loan is 7 years. If you have a specific project or request contact your Personal Banker or call our Customer Service center to schedule a meeting.

We offered a complete range of financing solutions for indivudal and corporate, such as: Individual, Home, Motor and SME Loan, Working Capital Financing, and much more. To know more about the rates and conditions please click here


We ask you to finalize your account opening in one of our Service Center simply for two reasons:
First we need to verify the account holder identity, to prevent any case of fraud.
Then we can setup your E-Banking and initiate the production of your Visa Card to finalize your account opening !


To block your Visa Debit Card please call 021 285 444 or email: (during opening hours: from 8:30 am -17:00 pm). After opening hours please visit Visa International website by clicking here or call Visa Global Card Assistance Service directly: 001-800-11-535-0660 (Thai number).

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