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Don’t let your cash sit idle!

Your cash flow is positive, but you need to use it regularly. The Savings Account is for you. You’ll earn interest on your savings with no constraints on availability.



Choose amounts

Make your cash flow work for you

Instant access to your savings

Instant access to your savings

3 - no minimum opening account

No fees

3 - available in local & foreign currencies

Available in LAK, USD, THB or EUR

How to open an account

  • Account Opening Form to be filled out and provided
  • Identification documents (ID card or passport, family book) required
  • Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) and Articles of Association required
  • Certificate of residence, utility bills or Working/Residency permit to be provided

Key features

  • Secure investment with no risk of losing capital
  • No detention limit
  • Instant access to funds
  • Available in LAK, USD, THB & EUR


  • Linked to a current account of the same currency
  • No minimum deposit
  • No restrictions on the frequency of deposits
  • Interest accrued daily and paid quarterly

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